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Make-up Lessons

Today is the perfect day to learn about taking charge of your own makeup. After a one to one session with me, you’ll leave more confident, educated, renewed, and most importantly, stunning. I use color theory and some cool techniques to give each person the look that fits them best and works with their daily routine. Treat yourself to a fun makeup lesson and create great looks for you everyday that will have you oozing charm and glamor.

Including the absolutely stunning Angelina Jolie, I have been blessed to work with so many wonderful clients over the past 13 years. Whether its a date night or just a Saturday night, I am here to help you achieve the look that gives you the confidence to step out and simply have fun.

Editorial-Fashion Makeup

Editorial fashion makeup is a completely different arena. Rather than a stand-alone look, editorial makeup is based on a vision. The makeup artist must immerse themselves into the vision and create looks to illustrate a story to bring that vision to life. The looks must be creative to inspire visual interpretations or awaken an emotional state. The looks need to be faultless yet seem effortless and attainable yet remote at the same time. The right makeup artist is crucial to capture and express the right mood and balance in the story being told in each editorial, to highlight the focal point of the story whether an object or a model. I bring my experience as well as my unique persona to the table and can help you convey your story.

Bridal Make-up

I absolutely love bridal makeup sessions. Its such an important time and I feel honored when I become part of it with a client. Bridal makeup in my studio is all about conversations. Understanding the bride, talking to her about what inspires her and what looks ring true to her. I focus on accentuating features that a bride feels good about and a redefinition of features she wants prepped up. The results make brides look effortlessly radiant and complete embodiment of perfection. Come schedule a consultation with me and lets get the conversation started!

Before and After

I believe makeup is a tool that when used rightly, can result in incredibly phenomenal transformations in terms of how people look and feel. A little contouring here and there, a touch of the right shade color, a dash of glimmer and glow and you can knock-off decades of age, lift-up your spirits and make yourself radiant. I treasure my products, tools and equipment. Being a pro at this, I am not romanced easily by one particular brand of makeup for all my products. I carry a wide-range of products from the coveted cult faves to those that are lighter on the wallet. I choose my products meticulously, keeping both the scientific and the artistic aspects in mind: How does it wear with time, with temperature, with humidity (sweat happens!)?;  how does it respond to flash photography? All of these considerations are extremely important for me to ensure my clients do not have to worry about a thing once they leave my studio and can focus only on stealing the show!

I believe in adapting to every client’s needs, which is why one-on-one meetings are so important.

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